Metal goods production - Glazing pad

Ing. Milan Dohnal – FORSET, Zlín, Czech Republic

Seal and insulation material

Application possibilities within some industrial ranges:

Building industry

  • Polyethylene foam tapes for the sealing and vibration absorption, overcoming cooling bridges e.g.when assembling gypsum cardboard partitions , metal linings at basic constructions, sand yielding panels connections and in so called dry glazing processes
  • Pre-compressed PUR tapes, impregnated with acrylate , used for sealing joints in buildings through recovering of the compressed volume . Therefore they are ideal for sealing against heavy rain, noise, cooling dust, calorific loss. These materiále are highly non- flamable and chemically neutral.
  • Fire resistance tapes from ceramic glass fiber: Ranges of application are fire-protection structures, doors, public buildings constructions (hospitals, hotels, high buildings), insulating and building of furnace and blast turbace, in solar and laboratory equipment etc.
  • Double-sided tapes for assembling or bonding of different materials e.g. attachment of floor coverings or interior parts
  • Butyl rubber tapes for covering of constructional and connecting joints, butyl rubber tapes with aluminum surface are suitable for building of glasshouses, domes, roof glazings, building industry etc.
  • Bitumen tape for roof joints insulation and construction details
  • Cylindric PE profile for constructional joints sealing

ventilation (air-condition) industry

  • Tapes from PE, PUR, PVC, ceramic glass fiber, copper and aluminum foil

furniture and interior industry

  • Window/doors production, glass industry
  • PE foam glazing tapes
  • Butyl rubber glazing string
  • Double.sided self-adhesive installation tapes for bonding profiles,strips and mirrors, pictures etc.
  • Cork or cork-foam stacking discs as spacers for glass, insulation glass units, windows and doors, wooden panes and other sensitive surfaces
  • Aluminum steam sealing tapes, fire protection tapes from ceramic glass fiber
  • Double –sided carpet and plinth adhesive tapes

retail trade offer

  • Seals for windows- and door- frames and wings from PE or EPDM
  • Double-sided adhesive tapes in small packing volume for bonding of mirrors, pictures etc...
  • Self-adhesive tapes for carpets


Commercial goods

Seal and insulation Transport rack for flat glass Transport rack for flat glass Transport rack for flat glass

Ing. Milan Dohnal – FORSET, Vývoz 5423, 760 01 Zlín, Czech Republic,