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The glazing technology and glazing procedures belong to the somewhat omitted ranges of the window construction industry , fasade and window constructions and glass works. The company Ing. Milan Dohnal – FORSET would like to contribute to Your information and orientation in this field and at the same time offer a perfect product - and that is theIng. Milan Dohnal – FORSET – glazing pad, without that would be this glazing range. not complete. The glazing pads Ing. Milan Dohnal – FORSET are products of the new generation. Their form, material and functions are results of many years experience in glazing in companies abroad so as from domestic market.

Zasklívací podložkyIng. Milan Dohnal – FORSET

What are the advantages of theIng. Milan Dohnal – FORSET pads?

  • At first sight obvious ledges have a special purpose - to work like a spring, it means . that the pad is through low pressure firmly assigned.
  • The glazing padIng. Milan Dohnal – FORSET fulfills at the same time the function of carrying - and spacer -pad , how? By suspension both ledges, which are pressed by glass weigh. These ledges do serve for simply inserting and the pad could not be deflected by glazing.
  • The glazing padsIng. Milan Dohnal – FORSET thanks their construction can fulfill the function of a standard pad so as a dewatering one.
  • The construction of the lower pad side especially their ripping is an important component of the new system. The ripping placement has a task of an optimal glass board weigh spreading on the pad and avoid the glass break.
  • The surface of the glazing pad is particularly treated – raughened, owing to this and the flexible ledges sits the windowpane fixed in the pad and the pad sits exactly itself. This braking effect can save You costs for sealing materials on the usual fixing method against pad displacement .
  • The material of glazing pad is an important characteristic even prescribed, for certain glazings standards by professional norms. The glazing padsIng. Milan Dohnal – FORSET are produced from such material and correspond thereby also to the hardest glazing procedures.

The glazing padsIng. Milan Dohnal – FORSET are manufactured in the usual colours, to which you are accustomed. It facilitates the distinction and also the work for you. In addition still the thickness row: 1, 5, 2.5, 3.5, 4.5, 5.5 mm makes for You possible still more precise combinations than the classic one (whole millimeter row).

White 1,5 mm v šířkách  
Blue 2,5 mm 20; 22; 24; 26; 28; 30; 34 mm Zasklívací podložky
Red 3,5 mm
Yellow 4,5 mm
Green 5,5 mm

The glazing padsIng. Milan Dohnal – FORSET are protected as industrial design!

The guidelines for the pad placing

The glazing pads fulfill the following tasks:

  • Leave the framework in the correct position without change
  • Ponechat rám ve správné poloze beze změny
  • Ensure at the window wings the correct functioning
  • Safeguard that the glass edges do not touch the framework at any place
Glazing pad -Ing. Milan Dohnal – FORSET Glazing pad -Ing. Milan Dohnal – FORSET Glazing pad -Ing. Milan Dohnal – FORSET Glazing pad -Ing. Milan Dohnal – FORSET Glazing pad -Ing. Milan Dohnal – FORSET
slewing slewing and tipping fixed tip-up horizontal adjustable window
Glazing pad -Ing. Milan Dohnal – FORSET Glazing pad -Ing. Milan Dohnal – FORSET Glazing pad -Ing. Milan Dohnal – FORSET Glazing pad -Ing. Milan Dohnal – FORSET carrying pad carrying pad

spacer pad spacer pad


tip-up swinging slewing lifting, slewing and tipping


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